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Breast Actives Review–The Side Effects You Should Know About

Mammary GlandsBreast Actives is a natural breast enhancement solution. It contains herbs and other active agents that have been used for centuries without any risk or harm to increase breast size.

This herbal breast augmentation formula is 100% natural and as such it has no side effects.

However, since no two people respond in the same way to a pill, it is possible that you experience mild side effects when you’re on the Breast Actives program.

In rare occasions, you might experience one of the following side effects,

Breast Tenderness

Breast soreness can be experienced especially in your first two weeks on the program. The tenderness won’t be severe, but very similar to the tenderness felt the week before your menstruation and during your PMS. This is actually a side effect that indicates the program is already at work!

The product’s effectiveness and the fact that you will need to massage your breasts for more than 10 minutes each day also contributes to breast tenderness, thus tenderness is not a worrisome symptom.


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Stomach Upset

This is another rare side effect with only a handful of women complaining about it. Mild stomach discomfort might be experienced your first week into the program.

This is natural and shouldn’t be the cause of great concern. The side effect is more likely a result of your body adjusting to daily receiving the herbal formula of the breast actives pill.

Common side effects associated with stomach discomfort include flatulence, diarrhea and stomach cramps.

If you stick to the daily dose and you take the Breast Actives pill as recommended, you ensure you won’t experience any stomach related side effects.



This is another adjustment side effect.

Breast Actives contain phytoestrogens which affect your hormone levels, especially your estrogen levels. This sudden change in your hormonal balance might cause mild headaches.

Only if your headaches are severe should you stop taking breast actives. In any case, allow for at least a week before quitting the program.


Allergic Reaction

where to buy breast activesThe active ingredients in the Breast Actives system are herbs and other medicinal plants like Kelp, Fenugreek Seed, Dandelion, Dong Quai Root and Fennel Seed.

It’s important to check the ingredient list before you purchase Breast Actives, especially if you suspect you might be allergic to one or more of its ingredients.

It’s also crucial that you inform your physician before purchasing Breast Actives. It is possible that any medication you take will interfere with Breast Actives’ potency or cause side effects.


Nausea and Dizziness

It is being reported in some online reviews that Breast Actives might occasionally cause nausea or dizziness.

This is however a result of failure to stick to the administration guidelines. The Breast Actives pill needs to be taken within 15 after a main meal to avoid nausea.


The aforementioned side effects are the exception rather than the rule.

Consult your physician before you take Breast Actives and make sure you follow the instructions to the letter. Lastly, remember that each person is different and what causes side effects for one woman, will do nothing for another.

To recap, here are the 5 Reasons why you should try Breast Actives without hesitation!

⇒     Developed in the US in FDA registered lab to ensure adherence to the higher safety and potency standards.

⇒     Research on many of the ingredients in the Breast actives cream and pill has confirmed their effectiveness and safety of use

⇒     All-natural, herbal formula for optimize results without side effects

⇒     Affordable and certainly much cost-effective than cosmetic surgery

⇒     Effective, there are numerous independent reviews online that confirm the program’s effectiveness.



How to get bigger breast

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Breast Actives Review – Does Breast Actives Work?

Breast ActivesIf you want to increase your breast size you should try Breast Actives, a natural, breast augmentation program that gives you the breasts you’ve always wanted but couldn’t afford.

Breast Actives is a safe, affordable and natural way to get bigger breasts that are also firmer and appear lifted. But, as with any natural health supplement, who can guarantee it will be effective?



A closer look at the ingredients in the Breast Actives pills and cream will help you make an informed decision whether this brand is the best choice for naturally increasing your breast size.


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How Breast Actives Works?

Breast Actives is a 3-step formula that is designed to naturally activate breast growth by stimulating your mammary glands and other processes. This is achieved through a carefully put together formula of natural herbs and other ingredients that are primarily phytoestrogens.

Phytoestrogens are plant-derived estrogens. They can stimulate estrogen activity when consumed by women and help them get a bigger  breast size and improve the appearance of their chest.


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Breast Actives Cream Ingredients

The Breast Actives Cream includes, Red Clover extract, Aloe Vera, Pueraria Mirifica and Sepiliftiiii. Let’s look at some of these.

Red Clover Extract This extract helps with hormone related concerns like hot flushes and breast tenderness from PMS.

It’s scientific name is Daidzein and it’s essentially a phytoestrogens, an agent that improves estrogen activity in your body. By boosting your estrogen activity, Red Clover extract sets in motion natural breast enhancement, same as the one experienced at the onset of puberty.

Pueraria MirificaThis is the key ingredient in the topical breast cream.

breast creamThis is a traditional Thai medicine herb that women have been using for centuries for breast enhancement.
A 2012 study that looked into the isolation of the constituent parts of Pueraria Mirifica and confirms the rejuvenating properties of this Thai plant.

More importantly, unlike some studies that contend phytoestrogens might be guilty for breast cancer, this study confirms the anti-cancer capacity of Pueraria Mirifica, “Butea superba and Mucuna collettii exhibited only anti-proliferation effects on the growth of MCF-7 cells ”.


Breast Actives Pills

The Breast Actives Pills are a potent cocktail of estrogenic agents and ingredients, such as Fenugreek Seed, Kelp, Fennel Seed, Dong Quai Root.

breast actives pillsKelp is a phytoestrogens that when consumed can stimulate breast growth. This is possible because Kelp wakes up growth processes that have stopped since you’ve gone out of your puberty phase.
Dong Quai is another powerful hormone-balancing herb that’s extensively used in menopause and perimenopause women due to its assuaging properties.

It has even been dubbed the female ginseng because of its libido-boosting capacity and has been a favorite herb for women in China, Japan and Korea for treating female issues and boosting female health.

Fennel Seed Another popular phytoestrogen, Fennel Seed is present in a wide range of breast enhancement products thanks to its ability to stimulate estrogen activity.


Does Breast Actives Work Then?

In a word. Yes.

You don’t have to compromise with a flat-chest. You can boost your self-confidence and flaunt your femininity by increasing your cup size and improving your breast appearance. There are various ways you can achieve this, but none like Breast Actives. Its ingredients work synergistically to stimulate new breast tissue growth that help your breast become fuller, firmer and appear lifted.

At a glance, Breast Actives is a best-seller, trusted by thousands women because it’s:

  • Cost-effective in comparison to cosmetic surgery
  • All-natural
  • Discreet, at-home program
  • Expert designed 3-step program, the most complete in the market
  • Safe with not known side effects

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